Duben 2011

Edward: She was actually rather pretty...

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She was actually rather pretty…in an unusual way. Better than being beautiful, her face was interesting. Not quite symmetrical - her narrow chin out of balance with her wide cheekbones; extreme in the colouring - the light and dark contrast of her skin and her hair; and then there were the eyes, brimming over with silent secrets… - Edward Cullen, Midnight Sun

Alice: I have a vision...

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Alice: I saw a vision of you. You jumped off a cliff. Why in the hell would you try and kill yourself? I mean, what about Charlie. What about…
Bella: I didn't try to kill myself. I was cliff jumping. Recreationally. It was fun.

Alice: Bella, what is that God-awful wet dog smell?

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'Bella, what is that God-awful wet dog smell?'

Mr. Bellamy 6.5

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By steven_grayhm (twitter)

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New pic from Charlie's twitter

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Mr. Bellamy 6.4

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BarlowGirl - Never alone

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